Everyone I’m officially leaving now! I enjoyed everyone of you! I will miss you guys!! <3

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Conformation that she is still single

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Anonymous asked: I like that you're leaving the blog up! It's really a good blog, it would be such a waste if you deleted it. Don't listen to these people that say it's better if you delete it

I wont :)

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Anonymous asked: i understand why everyone wants you to keep the blog up (myself included) but like the wannabe's going still be lurking on the blog & even though the blogs leaving makes me sad.. maybe it'll slow down the fakes & stuff.


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Anonymous asked: Honestly I think all blogs are excellent but now that india and the family is about to really blow up with this tv show, it's time to shut them down or at least stop updating them. you guys are well appreciated though.


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Anonymous asked: whats the point of leaving it up? when they're HUNDREDS of India support blogs? (just asking not to be rude?)

This isnt a india blov

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Anonymous asked: I really love you and your blog but I think it would be better for you to delete it, as you stated, you need to focus on yourself and your own life, but by leaving the blog up, you will be so tempted to come back.

No when i leave i wont return i want to leave it up for people who want to see it.

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cawestbrooks asked: I understand why you're leaving and everyone else should realize as well that you have your own life that you need to manage I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you've done and thank you for all of the hard work you've put into this blog. You're amazing and I'll never for get you. I appreciate you (: Now go follow your dreams and do what makes you happy I love you all and always will tumblr will always be apart of me. This is for every blog that's deleting <3 -India Love.

Thank u and i enjoyed running it :)

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